How Technology Has Impacted Personal Insurance


There is no doubt that auto technology has had a positive impact on personal insurance.  Not only has technology produced advanced safety features, but it has actually helped keep personal insurance premiums lower.

Mississippi Auto Insurance And Technology

All the automotive manufactures are designing new ways to make the driving experience more exciting and safe. Let’s look at a few of these new features.

Self parking cars – The development of GPS, backup cameras, sensors and other technologies have created cars that can park without having a nasty fender bender. This has saved policy holders millions in costs that typically would have been below most auto deductibles.

Lane departure warnings – Again GPS allows cars to use smart technology to know if you are moving outside your lane.

Self braking cars – Some newer models have the ability to actually see ahead and apply the brakes if a hazard is present and the driver is not paying attention.

Blind spot warning – Blind spot warnings give the driver a signal when there is a hazard in the driver’s blind spot.

Home Insurance And Technology

There are many new technologies that can be retro fitted into your home that will help reduce homeowner’s premiums and make your home safer.

Security Video – You can now use your smart phone to monitor many home functions including lights, security systems and more. Many internet companies offer home video systems that actually allow you to see what is going on inside your home through your smart phone.

Security Detectors – There are many different kinds of smoke, moisture, radon and other detectors that monitor gasses in your home.

Sprinkler Systems – Home fire sprinkler systems are becoming very common in larger homes and many new building codes actually require them in some homes. These systems are designed for new construction, but retrofitting costs are coming down as technology improves.

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April 8th, 2015 by US Select Insurance LLC